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Movie Review of Dhanush’s Power Paandi !

By on April 13, 2017 0 111 Views

Life after every 10s has its own changes, revolutions in pattern of living. This is something much more adherent to the scientific and emotional panoramas too. So happens to be the perception of life as the ages passes by, we too are getting to chose new lanes. Such is the illustrative life of Power Pandi (Raj Kiran), a widower at the 60s, who turns irresistible over doing jobs to retain his enthusiasms and kill depression. But he finds his ideologies often resented by his son (Prasanna), which pulls the triggers for a drift in relationship. Disappointed and stubborn, he chooses his new desire in life – In pursuit of his first love. Rest of the film is about the journey he embarks on to fulfill his dreams, but will it be a worthy one to encompass his perpetual happiness.

National award winning actor Dhanush is known for his versatility in proficient style of performance in both commercial and exceptional genre of movies. But with his directorial debut, he has just imparted a clear message that he is a classic maverick auteur, who can raise the standards of Indian cinema with his universal theme of love, hope and reality. With a running length extending nearly toward 120 minutes plus, the film doesn’t turn fallible anywhere. It has its own pace and momentum with light moments, but keeps us intact.

When it comes to performance, Raj Kiran throws into a nitty-gritty performance with his realistic acting. Revathy appears only by the second half and get her scope very well established. Dhanush appears in the flashback sequences that approximately entertains his fans for a span of 33 minutes. Madonna Sebastian takes a cakewalk with her extended cameo. Prasanna expresses his role as a son that reflects many of such age groups. Chaya Singh is commendable.

On the technical front, musical score by Sean Roldan is worthy of appreciations. ‘Venpani Malare’ is the cherry pick and ‘Paathen’ gets a splendiferous visual treat too. Editing is sleek and neat that keeps the transition good.

Overall, ‘Pa Pandi’ gifts the audiences a pleasure of watching an emotional drama that at many places let us connect deeply with the characters that resembles in our very own lives as well.

Verdict: An emotional melodrama that encompasses beautiful relationships.
Rating: 3.25/5

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