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Neruppu Da Movie Review

By on September 9, 2017 0 102 Views

There are times, when a director or writer comes up with a good plot and when narrated as a story in few lines would definitely give an impression of super hit. But things turn awry when the narrative aspect gets fallible. ‘A good movie dumped by poor screenplay’ – Very often, we have come across such instances and Neruppu Da is a big illustration.

Lots of confusing things prevail throughout the film, where audiences get shocked and annoyed with its treatment. Their questions are a singular one – Tell us please if Neruppu Da is a drama or comedy or thriller? Handling anyone of this genre throughout the film would have yielded better results. But with a strong plot in hand, the team seems to have believed of attracting village and rural audiences with unwanted song tracks, nettlesome comedy tracks by characters especially Naan Kadavul Rajendran. A twist by the climax is appreciable but the whole drama being laced with flimsy writing ruins the play.

Vikram Prabhu and his friends from childhood have had a single desire. To become fire brigades and save the lives of peoples, especially in the slums and housing board… But on their day of examination, an unexpected incident changes their lives forever putting them at dangerous zone.

When you’re about to think that the film is going to be a tensed one with serious complications, the director mocks at us with his mediocre comedy sense through Naan Kadavul Rajendran. What makes us much more disappointed is that he had uttered in many interviews that some important situations in life inspired him to make a film based on fire brigades. Much more pathetic thing is that he even affirmed that Neruppu Da carries a strong awareness message. But everything turns out to be a bizarre with our watching experience.

Have we come across any public or common man taking over tasks of Government office designations without getting appointed? Over here, it happens where Vikram Prabhu and his friends wear uniforms on their own and even have the keys ready from department to drive the fire service lorry to the accident spots. It’s a criminal offense, isn’t it?

Regarding performance, there isn’t much to speak about it.

Musical score by Sean Roldan and cinematography by RD Rajashekar are appreciable.

Verdict: Gripping tale gone wrong way with erroneous writing

Rating: 2.5/5

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