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Puriyaatha Puthir Movie Review

By on September 2, 2017 0 96 Views

Ranjith Jayakodi kick-start his debut directorial with the film Puriyaatha Puthir, which has been inside cans for a long time. Finally, the film gets released sorting out financial issues. A small recap about the movie’s production – Initially titled as ‘Mellisai’, JSK Films Corporation after acquiring the film’s rights renamed it as ‘Puriyaatha Puthir’. The reason is that producer Satish Kumar felt that the movie has more thrilling moments laced with suspense that would befittingly sound better with this one rather than Mellisai, which is soft.

The film features Vijay Sethupathi as an owner of musical instrument shop and Gayathri as a music teacher. This common factor brings them together for many occasions and they fall in love eventually. With a serene life and dreams encircling the couple, mystery starts hitting when Vijay Sethupathi’s close friend commits suicide after his personal video having intimate affair is leaked. In not less than few days after this mishap, Vijay Sethupathi receives a video clipping of Gayathri from a textile trial room. This sends him into abyss of unbearable shock and he starts hunting down the miscreants behind this mysterious deeds.

There are lots of analysis that needs to be applied for this film. Let us not be harsh, but there needs to be blunt verdicts while drawing our opinions.

Firstly, Puriyaatha Puthir doesn’t move you to edge-of-seats throughout the show, but in few places. The first 30 minutes completely comprises of slow paced sequences involving Vijay Sethupathi and Gayathri. Just when the mystery starts veiling up the drama, there are some interesting moments, but then the songs act as an unwanted source of distraction. Moreover, by the second half with the introduction of Ramesh Thilak, we get to see there could be twists, but to our disappointment that doesn’t happen.

Sam CS enchanted us with his impeccable score of music in Vikram Vedha. Over here, he has done a best work with BGM. Even the songs are composed exquisitely, but it doesn’t fit well with the screenplay.

Vijay Sethupathi does what is required for the role, but don’t expect the hilarious and entertaining or a powerful stroke from this man. He committed this project before gaining his mass avatar in Kollywood. Gayathri gets a meaty scope to perform, but she lets loose with casual efforts in many places. She could have easily stolen the show with her role in this film.

Overall, Puriyaatha Puthir is an average drama that has mystery and thriller laced in few places, but doesn’t stand out to be an exceptional one of this genre.

Verdict: Engaging in few parts and sluggish narration eclipses the best moments

Rating: 2.5/5

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