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Sivalinga – Movie Review !

By on April 14, 2017 0 104 Views

There is couple of things that will instantly let you go high for the praises upon Shivalinga – Strong comeback of Vadivelu and surpassing performance of Sakthi. In fact, these actors keep ruling the show completely, where the main actors – Raghava Lawrence and Ritika Singh get eclipsed eventually. The film marks the comeback of P Vasu in Tamil film industry with a much appreciable commercial plot after ‘Chandramukhi’.

Last year, he made the original version in Kannada with the same title, which turned to be a blockbuster and let us see how far it does justice in the Tamil version.

The story revolves around the mysterious murder of Rahim (Sakthi), who is a local caterer. His girlfriend not accepting the report filed by police that it is a murder approaches CBCID to reopen the case feeling it could be a murder. Shiva Lingeshwaran (Raghava Lawrence) is assigned to handle this case and starts up his investigation. During this interim, he marries Ritika Singh and both of them move into a new house, where they start experience supernatural encounters. The film doesn’t need mass appeal for Raghava actually, but the intentional insertion becomes a hurdle in getting us more attached with the script.

Although, the basic premise of this film is very much old patterned, we get to see that there are few interesting and engrossing elements that will definitely impress the rural and sub-urban audiences. Especially, the second half gets more gripping with the investigation process, but what turns out to be a fallible element are the songs. Most of them are composed by Thaman to satisfy the fans of Raghava Lawrence. The fast-beat numbers including title and few more hamper the screenplay.

The greatest highlights of this film are comedy episodes by Vadivelu and promising performance of Sakthi. Raghava Lawrence and Ritika Singh have done their best to the roles. Technically, there isn’t much specific to be mentioned, except the CG works in the last song before climax.

With the summer vacations starting up and with no big release for the next couple of weeks, Shivalinga will definitely conquer the sub-urban and rural audiences. When it comes to critical analysis, the film’s climax which is far different from the original version turns out to be a huge disappointment. Or else, Shivalinga would have offered much more perfect experience to the universal audiences.

Verdict: A routine supernatural thriller with Vadivelu and Sakthi stealing the show
Rating: 2.5/5

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