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SPYder – Movie Review !

By on September 27, 2017 0 125 Views

When someone decides to watch an AR Murugadoss film, it is obvious that they would be well prepared. In fact, all his movies except Dheena and Akira have comprised of good message based on social context. In Spyder, he indeed spells out a similar paradigm, where it deals with a social issue, but on different level. Revealing it much could be a spoiler down the line and henceforth, we suggest you to witness it in theatres by yourselves.

Perhaps, this could be one among the rarest situations, where we suggest audiences to witness it in theatres. It is incisively because the film owns a good package of narration that keeps us edge-seated in many places.

A precise and two-line synopsis – Shiva (Mahesh Babu) works for Intelligence Bureau. Albeit his high leveled proficiency in different tracks deserves a big position, he still loves confined to his favourite job. Call tapping! This isn’t for something like a peeping tom pleasure, but in contrast, to help strangers from dangerous situations even without their knowledge. On an unexpected turn, this routine job pushes him to unexplored crisis of serial murders that have been haunting the city over recent times.

AR Murugadoss has to be definitely appreciated for three things.

Sketching characterization of every actor in-depth.
Portraying villain as much powerful as hero.
Picking a crisis that is hidden in today’s world, but very dangerous…

These three elements are the biggest plus of this film, which indeed comes with an overall package of brilliant screenplay. Don’t keep splitting it up as first and second half. Just go get yourself neutralized before watching the show and you’ll enjoy it fervently. The screenplay has been crafted with so much of scrutinizing efforts. Maybe, the director tries to get down from ‘Intelligent’ box and try something fictional to impress the commercial film lovers. Such a sequence is available during second half, where Mahesh Babu replicates Vijay’s intermission part over phone. Mahesh Babu assigning ladies to save a family and trap the baddie from nowhere, but just through phone is brilliant. The entire drama has been neatly done.

Rakul Preet Singh could be regarded as an ordinary portrayal. SJ Suryah knocks off with an impeccably stunning act. The theatre keeps whistling applause now and then with his episodes. Bharath gets a limited footage, but exhibits a complete involvement into the tale.

The songs by Harris Jayaraj and even his background score could have been better. Santhosh Sivan proves his genius work along with wizardry of Sreekar Prasad’s editing.

Overall, Spyder deserves a watch for its flawless writing, best characterizations and an intriguing theme of message by the end.
Verdict: Deserves a watch for it best writing and performances
Rating: 3.5/5

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