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Taramani – Movie Review !!

By on August 11, 2017 0 103 Views

Urban stories in Tamil cinema often focalizing upon the diminishing dimensions that involves love tales in IT backdrops might be running into long queues. Well, that was a strong assumption when we happened to view the trailers of Ram directorial Taramani. As you take your watch with the full feature, what we get is a completely different experience.

Carrying the pains of broken past – Vasanth Ravi and Andrea Jeremiah bounce upon each other over a rainy day and get acquainted with each other. The rainy introduction with a story to narrate, please don’t take your references to Ram’s inspiration from Rashomon, just as a bird’s feather swirling over the airs in Kattradhu Tamizh was from Tom Hank’s Forrest Gump. The story traverses through the complications in the life of these two characters. Vasanth Ravi being chiselled by an innocent girl (Anjali), who he loved unconditionally and Andrea Jeremiah, a divorcee with a kid to look after as her husband was a gay.

Well, their acquaintance and their decision to start a new life might look like a happy ending with picture perfect illustration. But guess what? It all happens before the 40 minutes of the first half and then commences the complexities and perplexities in their lives. The routine egoistic clashes between them that go beyond control leaving them drifted apart. Especially, the pains and troubles of a woman in the society gets very well narrated. To be precise, the characterization and performance of Andrea Jeremiah stands out to be the topmost highlighting trait in the film. Such characterizations were blatantly visible in the yesteryear movies of K Balachandar and it is very well recreated here. Vasanth Ravi’s role too has been sketched with a rigid reality, where a man’s senses are stuck between emotions, outbursts and the drastic decisions made during the restless times. The major attraction with the film is that although it takes you through the hard-hitting realistic drama in the city culture, especially on the dark side, it propels a beautiful message by the end. Relationships are to go through highs and lows, ups and downs, breakdowns and then it gets sweeter and serene.

Thanks to Ram for not making the tale too tragic as in his debut film ‘Kattradhu Tamizh’. He has handled a matured theme with decency.

The performance of every actor in the film is spellbinding. Albeit the minimum appearance of Anjali, she just offers the best, especially the portion in second half, where the protagonist gets infuriated over her verdict “Even if you aren’t deleting these pictures, I am not worried. You are a good man.”

Yuvan Shankar Raja’s musical score nurtures the film with a much stronger scope. Not to miss the painting like cinematography from Then Eeswar. In fact, even if you’ve been a native Chennaite, the shots and camera angles make you wonder if it’s really our very own place. Sreekar Prasad embellishes the film with his genius editing.

Bringing up a conclusion, Taramani just takes us through moments of drastic reality in the urban backdrops, but that comes packaged with an appreciable message on relationships.
Verdict: A tale of realism that kindles emotions.
Rating: 4/5

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