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Theri Review

By on May 5, 2016 0 100 Views

This is SS MUSIC’s exclusive overseas review of ‘Theri’ from the US. It’s been a while since an A list actor’s movie hit the screens and the fans in the US were understandably excited to see the movie on a festival day .

After a very disappointing outing with ‘Puli’ Vijay is back with ‘Theri’ . The hype surrounding the movie is pretty natural considering how the star’s previous movie turned out . Atlee’s second directorial venture after his blockbuster debut ‘Raja Rani’ is high on emotional quotient and has some power packed moments . We’ve seen Vijay in a similar role taking on the bad guys in about 50 odd movies, so what makes ‘Theri’ different from his previous ventures . For starters fans get to see Vijay in a never seen before role as a doting father who shares an exceptionally cute relationship with his daughter played by Baby Nainika, we get to see the star actor in a very stylish cop role which will go down as the best cop role he’s ever done and after a long time fans get to witness the actor in a romantic role , the side of Vijay which has gone missing . He falls in love with Mithra played by the gorgeous Samantha . Samantha is absolutely brilliant in her role as a doctor and the girl who falls in with a cop. She looks drop dead gorgeous and credits to Atlee for using her talent and realizing the value she adds to a movie . The other important characters in ‘Theri’ are played by Director Mahendran who has made his acting debut as a Minister seeking revenge, the scenes between him and Vijay sets the screen on fire especially during the interval block . Rajendran plays Vijay’s side kick and has a meaty role who is present throughout the movie , he has excelled in his role as a police constable who adds humor .Nainika is a child prodigy and the chemistry she shares with her on screen dad is sure to make people go ‘Awww’ throughout the movie . Amy Jackson who plays a school teacher is virtually non existent in the movie , the story unravels through her and that is the only value add of her role. GV’s songs and background score are exceptional and he’s delivered what was expected out of him. George C William’s visuals are beautiful , he adds so much color and beauty to each frame .

Even though ‘Theri’ is predictable and most of us would have guessed the story after seeing the trailer , the movie is however high on emotional content and enough power packed moments which Vijay fans are so grown used to . Atlee conveys a very important message on how important it is to be a good father.

Our Verdict : Fans are sure to have a ‘Theri’ffic time at the movies and We are going with 3.25/5 for #Theri.

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