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Thupparivalan Movie Review

By on September 14, 2017 0 175 Views

His ratiocinative skills are absolutely tremendous, they way he disarms the Kungu-Fu wizardries hands down and his theoretical cognizance over physics and chemistry are beyond brilliance. The protagonist Kanian Poongundran (Vishal), a detective with unparalleled intelligence and unconventional lifestyle is one such guy.

The film opens with a happy family celebrating best occasion in their lives. The mother (Simran) sends her boy to wish his dad with birthday gift and that’s when a lightning strikes them down to death. Very next sequence, we get to see Kanian Poongundran, who blatantly ignores the request of cops to unravel a mystery, but then takes up a plea from young kid. He wants to find out the murderer who killed his pet dog. To the surprise, the protagonist takes up the assignment to polish up his brain and crack some mysteries resolved.

While Tamil cinema has been striding through routine league of movies, Mysskin always emerges as winner by offering unique films. His top-notch brilliance in penning a nitty-gritty suspense thriller ‘Yuddham Sei’ was very well appreciated. With the same kind of intellectual essence, he has crafted the screenplay of Thupparivalan. On the contrastive grounds, a suspense thriller movie always demands the best pace. But here, it proceeds with slow pace. This is because Mysskin as usual takes prolonging shots and slow motions. Also, most of the characterizations in the film, especially the supporting ones don’t at all have conversations. It’s almost like a silent film even Vinay Rai, who actually has dialogues that too with short phrases by the end.

Vishal has completely transformed himself into a different avatar with his role. He has worked really hard for the perfection. Prasanna on his part as a close aide to Vishal gives his involvement. Although, he isn’t completely Dr. Watson here, he has his portions done properly. When it comes to others in the cast, Andrea Jeremiah, K Bhagyaraj and John Vijay appear like silent individuals, who hardly talk or do something. All that they do is follow the protagonist or kill the ones, who are supposed to be the clues to crack mystery.

The stunt sequences are the best moments in the film. Vishal and every other actor have given their heart and soul into it.

Arrol Corelli has done a neat work with background score. It indeed instigates an emotional feel to the sequences.

Overall, Thupparivalan will be definitely liked by the ones who love to watch suspense-thrillers. In fact, it would be even received well by the group of audiences who wanted desperately to watch something different. But we need to wait and watch how it gets well with the audiences across villages and towns.

Verdict: Engrossing thriller with edge-seated moments and more surprises

Rating: 3.5/5

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