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Vivegam Movie Review

By on August 25, 2017 0 167 Views

He ultimately arrives as the James Bond and Jason Bourne. Give him a gun and he will be the emperor and just to disapprove of this theory, we tend to hear a dialogue from Karunakaran saying, a man without guns is a King too. There are certain instances, where you just madly fall in love with AK. Just watch out for the sequence with cup of coffee with two gangsters in front of him. ‘I need sugar’ and he relentlessly keeps saying it bumping off bullets. That’s a real cool damn sequence, where you’ll go crazy for this man.

In fact, the characterization of Ajith Kumar as AK holds the positions of both pros and cons. This can be taken as a reference to his yesteryear collection of movies too. The films that showcased his role in much relevance to his real life to a greater degree performed less than the ones that offered him a complete characterization. Over here, the role of AK sticks very close to our heart. But then, when it slightly shifts to the real life AK praises, we tend to get bored (if you’re not an Ajith Kumar fan). In contrast, Ajith Kumar fans can celebrate those stuffs, where everyone in the film consistently keep praising him.

We are reminded of Vedalam pre-interval sequence where Kabir is ready to tighten his fists for the notorious Ajith Kumar, but unleashes a freaky praise upon him. That one particular scene is still regarded as the best work from Siva. Perhaps, this would have prompted him to go for full feature with same note. This indeed turns out to be a flip side of this film. But we don’t mean to say this film or massive Ajith doesn’t deserve it. There is a simple scene, where Vivek Oberoi speaks about statistics, maps and other stuffs, where a junior officer pops up saying, “He believes in instincts and not these statistics and maps” and how it reflects by the climax is just awesome. 2 or 3 instances like this would have made the film more appealing. In fact, Ajith Kumar has strained so much physically and mentally for this film, but these elements get eclipsed with these drawbacks. The portions involving Ajith Kumar and Kajal Aggarwal look classy like an advertisement commercial, but then some chemistry really goes missing that should be prevalent between a husband-wife. Vivek Oberoi has nothing to do in this film other than praising AK with phrases one after the other.

When Akshara Haasan comes into the pictures, we are just bounded to Goosebumps, but then her disappearance after early minutes is a mere disappointment. It would have been better if she was to travel yet more with story at least till the penultimate moments.

Technically, it’s just brilliant. Cinematographer Vetri has cranked the best visuals. Anirudh’s background score works well in few places and the songs occur as BGMs.

As mentioned above, Ajith Kumar’s hard work really deserves a watch for Vivegam, but when it comes to Siva, he fails to offer a wholesome experience.
Verdict: Ajith Kumar’s tremendous efforts alone keep the show going.

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