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SpS from Dec 21!

by on December 1, 2018 0
Producing a benchmark horror project ”Ratchasan”, actor Vishnu Vishal tilts back to his favorite genre with the film “Silukuvaarpatti singam”. Ratchasan being a great thriller which gave a bigger satisfaction for every one associating with the film. Currently, the actor chooses himself to have a variation in his phase with a light-Hearted movie. Previously,... Read More

Check Pariyerum Perumal making Video!

by on November 27, 2018 0

Pariyerum perumal, the film which came to the hall, just to eradicate the casteism embedded in Humans,by sparking out the equality.
The film emerged as a huge hit, in terms of both money and content. Every Artist/ techinician from the project were highly appreciated for pulling out the true essence of the plot by their Terrific performance.From the leading politicians to the common man every one went attached to the plot and characters of pariyerum perumal and came out the hall, with a pure soul.
Here comes, the team after conquering 50days of theatrical run, with the official making video of the film which holds the hard work of Many technicians.

PP is Directed by Mari Selvaraj who had assisted director Ram in Katrathu Tamizh.
Pariyerum perumal had an ensemble cast including actors Kathir, anandhi and Yogibabu playing the centric roles. PP is produced by Director Ranjith under Neelam Productions.

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“Lisaa’’ to be out at 5pm today!

by on November 16, 2018 0
We could see the South film makers, emerging out with unique concepts ,which includes projects like “K.G.F” and “Bahubali”. We could see, these ventures expanding the standard south film industries in terms of business and grandeur. Here joins a new entrant, Actress Anjali , one of the leading stars in south, pacing up on... Read More