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Actress Parvathy against the Cyber criminals!

By on December 13, 2018 0 439 Views

Acting is considered such a high profile job in India, yet a tough one, where many actors put their Heart and soul to entertain the people. but even in this modern era, we could see the mindset of public on Actress,  which is still unchanged.

The state has witnessed many actresses reaching  great heights, and yet getting trolled for their physical attires!

Especially social media plays a vital role, where we can see many fake people’s showing their vulgarity towards women, which lead to many unwanted suicidal deaths also.

Here comes, actress Parvathy who has a great fan following in south, with a statement regarding these cyber criminals.

The actress said, “I’ve been associating myself in social media for the past 4years, where i see many people criticizing and shaming the Actress, just to have likes and shares.

Also, many case has been registered, but still the culprits come out easily.

When I came to know about the cybercell’ s procedures, I’m planning to go with my lawyer to check on these issues, as they are nowhere lesser to serious crimes”.

Actress Parvathy  previously had  removed the caste associated with her name, which was widely appreciated by  fans.

Now, this bold move is getting a huge response from the public, as it’s essential for the future generations to come!

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