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“I Empathize a lot with issues”! – Powerstar Pawankalyan!

By on November 23, 2018 0 181 Views

For the past 2 days, we could see the southern people are shell-shock ed with the arrival of Powerstar Pawankalyan to chennai, regarding the “South Indian Political Movement”.
On a recent chat, the star/chief shared about many of his Ideologies, which was highly about the “National Integrity with a regional approach”. Talking about the star’s political “spark” point, from an actor to the “Janasena” chief , Pawankalyan revealed that, “it was very tough for me to witness people struggle for everything. that struggle made me to enter politics”. The star also added that, he empathize a lot and put himself on those “tough” issues people face from the rulers.
Asking about the “Defining” moment as a political identity, the chief said, “yes! I had a few moments, and the most powerful moment is, when I saw “10 lakh” people attending the “janasena” public meet held in AP.
The meet happened in Chennai, revealed many interesting things, including the star’s emergence with “Janasena”, and his disappointment with TDP.

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